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Management and Leadership Program Takes Flight
Aug 16, 2008
Managers take advantage of comprehensive leadership training program

Earlier this year, XYZ launched its new Management and Leadership Program, a comprehensive manager training course series that reflects XYZ's commitment to developing the most effective managers in aeronautics.

The program demonstrates the executive team's belief in the power of managers to influence company performance. In his announcement memo, John Smith expressed his view that there is a direct link between the effectiveness of people managers and XYZ's success, stating that managers broadly influence the work environment and that the work environment directly impacts employee retention and engagement.

When creating the course series, XYZ trainers relied on manager and employee feedback to shape course content. The series is designed to underscore and reinforce XYZ's core values of intelligence, responsibility, teamwork and making a difference.

The curriculum is a flow of gradually deepening subjects: new managers are introduced to XYZ with New Manager Orientation. Next comes Managing and Leading at XYZ, a comprehensive overview of necessary management skills. Later, focused courses provide in-depth training in specific areas, such as coaching, communicating and retaining talent. Finally, executive-track managers are prepared for the next level of their careers with Executive Leadership.

Courses offered thus far include Managing and Leading at XYZ, Coaching and Developing Employees, and Talent Acquisition and Integration. Focused courses to be introduced later this year and in 2007 include Managing for Higher Performance, High-Impact Communication Skills, and Driving Accountability and Results.