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Memo: Management and Leadership Program


To: All People Managers
From: and
Date: 10/23/08
Subject: Management and Leadership Program

To All People Managers,

As many of you know, XYZ was recently recognized in "The Business Week 50," which profiles the best-performing companies across the 10 economic sectors that make up the S&P 500. This distinction is a result of the dedication of our employees and brings to light the important role we as people managers play in motivating and leading for success.

There is an indisputable link between our effectiveness as people managers and XYZ's success. We guide employee performance through the direct management of employee goals and objectives. We broadly influence the work environment and, in turn, the work environment directly impacts employee retention and engagement. According to research conducted by the Corporate Leadership Council, employees who are committed and engaged are 87% less likely to leave the company and much more likely to support your goals and the company's objectives.

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce a new Management and Leadership Program. In alignment with XYZ's core values, this management education series offers a comprehensive approach to new manager orientation, managing and leading at XYZ, and focused areas of in-depth study. In-depth study areas include coaching, talent acquisition, managing for higher performance, driving accountability, teamwork and communication.

We have relied heavily on executive, manager and employee feedback regarding developmental needs and have incorporated industry best practices to create a curriculum that will enable you to build trust and loyalty, resolve conflict to get things done, and improve results. Course work emphasizes the direct application of skills and knowledge to increase your effectiveness as managers and advance your careers.

As we continue to grow and expand into new areas, the company as a whole must rely on you to lead across functional and geographic boundaries, motivate and empower your direct reports, and retain high-performing employees. We consider your participation in the program to be an essential step in this expansion. Therefore, we expect you to complete a selection of the programs's fundamental courses by the end of 2007 and additional courses by the end of 2008. Please see the attached document for a summary description of some of the courses. You will receive more information regarding courses and schedules over the next several weeks.

We are pleased to be able to offer you this opportunity for professional and personal development.

John Smith
Chief Executive Officer

Jane Jones
Senior Vice President, Human Resources