Stew Ellington  ::  Communicator
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Clothing Packaging Narrative


No introduction needed, captain. We know you so well: astute and nimble as a caffeinated raccoon and poised for boardroom battle. Kick-start the day in your well-appointed borough with a flagon of your favorite java. Your discerning better half knows you're ready to roll; that's why she yanked you from the crowd by the ever-sharp creases of your Deckers khakis. Pull us on and let our high-performance wrinkle and fade resistance technology light the way to global domination. Let's try that new shirt with the racing stripes today. Slip in the cufflinks and enjoy their weight; they mean business. This look demands a DEFCON 5 blazer and a watch that gives the time in at least eight world time zones. Wing tips and tip clip. Drop the trusty laptop into the man bag and then it's off to the races. You know choosing us starts a roller coaster ride to excellence. Look great, feel great, do great. Deckers khakis: we're the best in our class, just like you. Get dressed like you mean it.