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Hey, you. Yes... you. The serial shopper who can't stand paying full retail prices. I know you, because I'm just like you: you're always hunting for the best sales, the best discount outlets, the best deals around town? You're probably a habitual online shopper, too... eBay, Amazon? Those places are great, sure, but do they give you cash back on your purchases? How do you know you're getting the best deal? I have some really good news: you've finally come to the right place. This is it!

E-rates pays you to shop. Yep, you heard me. Every time you make a purchase through the E-rates website, you get paid a percentage of the sale price. Up to 25%! And we're talking about quality stores and merchandise... apparel from Neiman Marcus and Banana Republic... electronics from Sony and Toshiba. Over 800 stores selling unbelievably great stuff in almost any category you can think of... computers, sporting goods, jewelry, automotive, just to name a few!

How does it work? These great retailers pay E-rates a commission for each item they sell through the E-rates website. Here's the crazy part: E-rates doesn't keep the commission. Instead, they send it right back to you! You're actually getting paid to find great deals for yourself! You can even set yourself up to get cash back any time you shop at any of E-rates' 800+ stores, automatically. As soon as I found out about it, I didn't waste any time; I signed right up for an account. It takes only a minute, and it's free! Now, I always check the E-rates Coupon & Specials page for the best deals anywhere before I make a purchase. I also receive their newsletter so I'm sure I'll never miss a good deal. You're going to shop anyway, so you might as well get paid to do it!