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Broadcast Email Policy


When used appropriately, email is an effective tool for communicating business information to large groups of employees. With proper guidelines, broadcast email can help the company achieve its goals and successfully execute its strategy.

This policy establishes a standard process for sending broad employee communications via email and applies only to emails being sent to the following lists:

  • All Employees (worldwide employees only)
  • All Menlo Park & Field (includes temps, contractors, consultants)
  • MP Employees
  • MP Contractors

Only the leadership team, people who have been granted access to the Employee Communications mailbox (, and those in select other departments with a business critical broadcast requirement—such as Public Relations, Corporate Legal and IT—have the ability to send to those lists. In most cases, executive coordinators who send messages on behalf of executives will send from the executives' mailboxes.

Broadcast emails should be reserved for communications that are business critical, time sensitive and relevant to the audience. For an email to be considered business critical, it must contain a message that directly affects the company's ability to achieve its goals and strategy, is a legally required notification, or has significant implications for employees. Examples are announcements related to:

  • Organizational changes
  • Corporate performance
  • Employee benefits

Messages pertaining to non-critical or non-business-related announcements and events will be posted on the intranet in the Notices section. Examples:

  • Training announcements
  • Vendor fairs
  • Sports Club programs

Final determinations will be made by the vice president of Human Resources.

Request distribution to the smallest distribution list(s) that best targets the audience for your message. Do not request to send a message broadly when a smaller group or department list (or combination of several) will suffice.

Due to issues of legality and time sensitivity, Environmental Health (EH) will continue to send safety and building alerts, as well as planned fire alarm outages and evacuation drill notices to targeted lists from the EH mailbox ( IT will send notices of planned and unplanned computer system outages from the IT Alert mailbox.

Email Announcements

  1. Send your distribution request to Employee Communications ( In the email body, include your message, the desired distribution list(s), and the date/time for distribution.
  2. Messages will be broadcast as quickly as possible; turnaround times will vary due to the relative complexity of the review, editing and approval process.
  3. All messages will be reviewed and approved by Employee Communications prior to distribution.
  4. Messages may be edited for brevity, to clarify meaning, or to conform to the Broadcast Email Style Guide posted on the intranet.
  5. Based on their level of business relevance, messages may be posted on the intranet rather than distributed by email.
  6. Messages not approved will be returned via email to the requestor with an explanation.

Employees have provided feedback stating that they receive too many meeting requests and reminders per event. For seminars, brown bag lunches, etc., event owners may continue to send one meeting request per event to their target audience distribution lists. Employee Communications will post a notice for the event in the intranet's Notices section.

  • Submit event announcements for seminars, brown bags lunches, etc. at least 48 hours prior to your desired posting time.
  • The recommended posting time is three to four weeks in advance of the event.

Urgent Announcements
Submit email messages Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific time. Every attempt will be made to broadcast the announcement as quickly as possible.

If you have questions, call the following people in this order:

  1. Stew Ellington at x2222
  2. Jane Smith at x3333