Date of Birth: 11.14.70

Resides in: Oakland, CA

M.F.A. San Francisco State University, 2002

B.A. Art, Reed College, Portland, OR, 1994

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The latest of various and sundry news items occuring in my life and in others. I try to make this about art usually, but it isn't always.

A table of contents for the art at this site. You will find new paintings, older paintings, and sculptures.

Here you can read some overly inflated language about what motivates me to make artwork. A portrait of the artist as a confused man, as it were.

An exciting photo-tour of India! Easier and less dangerous than going there - this I have already done for you. I am not too modest to say that this is a good tour.

I invite you to express yourself here. Critique, applaud, vent, theorize, acknowledge, etc.

An art print store which will take you to, the largest poster and print store on the web. Find any poster or print you have ever wanted and BUY IT. Needless to say, I get a cut. Smile on your brother!

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